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  • Ten Questions: James Sommerin

    Ten Questions: James Sommerin

    Thursday 4th December 2014

    One of the Welsh restaurant scene’s undoubted stars, James Sommerin waxes lyrical about the fabulous food of Chicago, bigs up the humble prune and shares his tips for superior soufflés.

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  • Behind the Scenes: Som Saa

    Behind the Scenes: Som Saa

    Tuesday 2nd December 2014

    Meet the dynamic duo whose inspired take on the food of northern Thailand is bringing fire, spice and fermented wonders to the arches off London Fields in Hackney.

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  • Flavour of the Month: Quince

    Flavour of the Month: Quince

    Thursday 27th November 2014

    The quince is no looker but this lumpy little fruit makes a supremely eligible partner for other autumnal ingredients, says Louis Solley, chef of new Shoreditch restaurant Jago.

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UK supermarket giant Tesco has published (staggering) details of how much of its food is wasted. Think at least two thirds of bagged salads, and 40 per cent of apples. Do you do big weekly supermarket shops and end up throwing food away? Or do you just buy what you need? How do you shop […]

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