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  • Autumnal Aphrodisiacs

    Autumnal Aphrodisiacs

    Thursday 9th October 2014

    As Newman Street Tavern’s inaugural OysterFest gets under way, we find ourselves in the mood for more than molluscs…

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  • The Foodpreneur: TOAST

    The Foodpreneur: TOAST

    Tuesday 7th October 2014

    TOAST is an events company that goes the extra mile, exploring the ideas, stories and issues behind food and drink. Its co-founder, the editor and writer Miranda York, gives us the low-down.

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  • Producer Profile: The Snowdonia Cheese Company

    Producer Profile: The Snowdonia Cheese Company

    Thursday 2nd October 2014

    Red Storm, Green Thunder, Black Bomber: no, not the titles of upcoming Hollywood action movies, but a trio of tangy cheeses from the Snowdonia Cheese Company. We speak with the Welsh dairy sensation.

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Question Of The Week

UK supermarket giant Tesco has published (staggering) details of how much of its food is wasted. Think at least two thirds of bagged salads, and 40 per cent of apples. Do you do big weekly supermarket shops and end up throwing food away? Or do you just buy what you need? How do you shop […]

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